past time for the average Australian is to have a social gathering around the “Barbie” (barbeque) in their backyard or on the beach and with more than 80% of Australians living no more 50km away from the coast this life style has become an integral part of the laid back life style which attracts so many tourists and foreign inhabitants each year.

The rich diverse culture Australia holds with pride is reflected within the food they have offer, embracing most of the world’s cuisine to tantalise the most adventurous pallet.

Australians are well known for having quite the love affair for all things relating to the arts. The main cities play host to an array of cultural and music festivals, theatre and dance performances as well art exhibitions.Import air freight business scope accordingto the customer, in a foreign country beforeshipment, by foreign agents to waybill,flights, packages, weight, and othercommodity, the actual consignee addressand contact phone number to destinationagent. And assist the customer audit clientswith all kinds of listing and approvaldocuments; Made out of all kinds ofdocuments; Space booking, customsdeclaration, import customs declaration, tax,and dealt with in the domestic transport,shipping agency business, etc.
操作注意事项 Operating considerations
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