Toy remote controller, air compressor, compressor parts, fan, electric tools, adaptors, empty box, relay, electromagnetic valve, keyboard, mouse, empty cartridges

Tenth class: rmb¥ 23/ kg

Ordinary clothing, shoes, sample sample coffee machine, washing machine, drying machine accessories, accessories ordinary batteries, ribbons, thermometer, air pressure gauge, electric heating tube, headphones etc.

Eleventh class: rmb¥ 25/ kge

Your Single Source For Global Air Freight
As a renowned and experienced airfreight forwarder, we are Calypso Shipping Logistic select the most appropriate routes, adopt ideal packaging method and render best transportation environment for hazardous cargo, project cargo and over dimensional cargo. Besides, we also select the most apt carrier considering factors such as weather, time and weight of the cargo that will save clients from unnecessary expenses and delays in the delivery of the freight around the world. We are capable to address any challenges in the logistics field by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to get the job done.
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