1) Middle East/India, Pakistan/Red Sea/Southeast Asia: OOCL/COSCO/ WHL/ RCL/HMM/PIL/HPL/ESL etc;
2) Europe with Inland points: KLINE / OOCL / ANL / COSCO / MSK/HMM/PIL/EMC etc;
3) America, Canada: KLINE / COSCO /HMM/HANJIN etc
4) Mediterranean Sea: OOC/ UASC / KLINE/ COSCO/EMC etc
5) Africa: PIL / NYK / MSK / CMA etc
-Professionally provide one-stop Pearl River Delta and our Chinese ports transportation service, familiar with all our main Chinese ports' shipping procedures,
-can render excellent shipping and logistics service for the cargo shipments loaded from China with over 10years professional operation experience.
-You can need to give us your shipments information with your requirement, then we will handle all your issues;
- Good teamwork and all-in service will service for your cargo from China until your given ports or delivery place;
- Once confirming our quotation, then just need you to give us your shipper’s information, once finishing loading, just need to pay ocean freight to our HSBC account in HK opened by APEC Shipping
Simple procedures for shipping:
Enquiry from you > quotation from us > Confirmation by you > Contact and coordinating your suppliers to get the booking and update shipments information > loading > SO checking and get the confirmation from you- Sending our invoice to you and your supplier > getting ocean freight from you and local charges from your suppliers > Sending out Original BL or by telex release > picking up your container at the appointed place!
Business Scope
1) Providing the international shipping service by sea (FCL, LCL, CONSILIDATED SHIPMENTS), air and express across all our Chinese ports;
2) Providing all the value-added services such as warehouse, customs clearance, inspection, insurance, fumigation with inland trucking and Sino-Hongkong transportation across all our Chinese ports;
3) Special containers transportation: reefer container, open top container, flat rack container, dress hanger container, tank container etc
4) Multi-mode transportation, Central Asian Railway Transport, Sino-Europe railway transportation etc;
5) Transit transportation via Southeast Asia;
6) Act as your agent to handle your freehand and consigned shipments from our Chinese ports timely and will keep the related information secret
7) Providing the door service to European and Northern America and Southeast areas
Certificates: CO; FORM A,FORM E,FORM F,ECFA,FORM X,FORM L,FTA;FROM S; handling and issuance of different certificates and endorsement documents of many Embassies.最具规模的代理报关公司之一,服务领域涉及:家私、灯饰、服装纺织品、工艺品、五金器材、鞋类、陶瓷、玩具、电器电子、食品类、精品、


、塑料制品、电子产品、树脂工艺品、圣诞礼品、铁制品等。 如果贵司有杂货(日杂,百货),干鲜货,冷藏、危险品和普通化工品,我们一样可以代办,包括单证(拥有出口核销单)、商检、报关、拖车,配额(贸易合同、装箱单、信用证、商业发票)等,在中国各口岸:海口、珠海、广州、深圳、汕头、厦门、宁波、上海、张家港、青岛、烟台、营口、天津、大连,都可以提供出口货物全方位快捷通关服务。代客户申请GSP FORMA(普惠证),CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN(产地证CO),FORM E(中国-东盟自由贸易区原产地证书),FORM F ,FORM A经香港转运加盖"未加工证明";香港总商会产地证/香港工业总会产地证(RE-EXPORT CO, Without Transit / With Transshipment)及商业发票、船证明、合同(CONTRACT,PROFORMA INVOICE)等文件大陆贸促会/香港商会认证,并可根据信用证的条款规定代办各国驻北京使馆或驻香港领事馆的文件使馆认证。
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