on November 18, built in 1999, the company since its inception has always adhered to the "integrity and speed", accompany you career more successful "win-win-win concept (company, customers, employees win-win-win), the specialty is engaged in the express business and cod business, the company with excellent service standard, express transportation speed and reliable after-sales service enjoys a good reputation counterparts, Has won the "express industry standard enterprise", "postal industry statistics work advanced unit", "China's top 20 domestic express the most competitive enterprises", "Courier industry association vice-chairman unit of guangdong province", "guangdong province shenzhen universiade postal service and post road security advanced collectives" and other honorary title, effectively guarantee the development of the enterprise and employee benefits effective continuous. The company has more than 5000 employees, 5 processing centers, more than 1000 vehicles in operation, the service scope covers Hong Kong, guangdong, fujian and other places, has a rich experience in logistics express management team, with strong logistics express operation ability. Aggressive - rapidly expanding and progressive business

In the early stage of its establishment, it provides same-day express service between shunde and Hong Kong. With the continuous development of the company's business and international, ruibang express is now one of the leading national brands in China's Courier industry. Its positive and orderly development of land and air express network, and focus on the construction of talent team, is the primary task of medium - and long-term development planning.

Innovation - continuous innovation and improved service

Actively explore customer needs, to provide customers with fast and safe distribution channels; Constantly launch new services to help customers respond to market changes faster and better; Shorten the customer's trade cycle, reduce operating costs, improve the customer's market competitiveness. In addition to cultivating a group of mainstays within the company, the company also constantly absorbs elites from other industries to meet the needs of rapid business development and continuous improvement of services.

Pragmatic - maintain a steady style of promotion

It is committed to strengthening the company's infrastructure construction, unifying the business philosophy of all branches across the country, vigorously promoting the standardization of work procedures, improving the technical content of equipment and systems, improving the business skills and quality of employees, striving to provide customers with more quality services, and sparing no effort to shape the national express brand zhongzhai express.

Vitality - creates a quick and intimate experience

Customer needs as the core, the construction of rapid response service team, and adhere to the service commitment. Provide flexible service plan, design a variety of free value-added services and innovative experience for customers, round-the-clock non-stop to provide cordial and immediate leading services. Including carton packaging service, wooden box packaging service, three splint packaging service, shockproof reinforcement packaging service, anti-theft reinforcement packaging service, rainproof reinforcement packaging service, anti-damage reinforcement packaging service, anti-damage reinforcement packaging service, deformation reinforcement packaging service; Can provide a variety of packaging according to customer demand, thickness, hardness with customer requirements. Unpacking and sorting service: after unpacking the original packaging according to the customer's requirements, the goods shall be packed into other packaging or turnover boxes according to the contract requirements.

Secondary packaging services: the packaged goods for secondary packaging, including shock reinforcement packaging services, anti-theft reinforcement packaging services, rain reinforcement packaging services, anti-damage reinforcement packaging services, anti-damage reinforcement packaging services, deformation reinforcement packaging.

Temporary storage service

Ruibang express can temporarily store goods on behalf of customers according to their requirements建于1999年11月18日,公司自成立以来始终坚持“诚信和速度”,陪你的事业更成功”三赢的概念(公司、消费者、员工三赢),专业从事快递业务和鳕鱼业务,公司以优质的服务标准,快递运输速度和可靠的售后服务享有良好的声誉,赢得了“表达行业标准企业”,“邮政行业统计工作先进单位”、“中国的国内快递最具竞争力20强企业”,“广东省快递行业协会副会长单位”、“广东省深圳世界大学生运动会邮政服务和邮政路安全先进集体”等荣誉称号,有效地保证企业和员工福利的发展有效的连续。公司拥有5000多名员工,5个加工中心,1000多辆营运车辆,服务范围覆盖香港、广东、福建等地,拥有一支经验丰富的物流快递管理团队,具有较强的物流快递运营能力。公司成立之初,业务发展迅速,开拓进取,提供顺德至香港当日速递服务。随着公司业务的不断发展和国际接轨,瑞邦快递现已成为中国快递行业领先的民族品牌之一。其积极有序发展陆空快运网络,注重人才队伍建设,是中长期发展规划的首要任务。创新——不断创新,改进服务,积极探索客户需求,为客户提供快捷安全的分销渠道;不断推出新服务,帮助客户更快更好地应对市场变化;缩短客户的交易周期,降低运营成本,提高客户的市场竞争力。除了在公司内部培养一批中流砥柱外,公司还不断吸收其他行业的精英,以满足业务快速发展和服务不断提升的需要。务实——维持一个稳定的风格的推广是致力于加强公司的基础设施建设、统一全国的所有分支机构的经营理念,大力推进标准化的工作程序,提高设备和系统的技术含量,提高员工的业务技能和素质,努力为客户提供更优质的服务,全力打造全国快递品牌中宅快递。活力——打造以快速贴心体验客户需求为核心,建设快速响应服务团队,并坚持服务承诺。提供灵活的服务方案,为客户设计各种免费增值服务和创新体验,24小时不间断地为客户提供亲切、即时的领先服务。包括纸箱包装服务、木箱包装服务、三夹板包装服务、防震加固包装服务、防盗加固包装服务、防雨加固包装服务、抗损坏加固包装服务、抗损坏加固包装服务、变形加固包装服务;可根据客户要求提供各种包装,厚度、硬度均可满足客户要求。拆箱分拣服务:按客户要求拆箱后,按合同要求将货物装入其他包装或周转箱。二次包装服务:对包装好的货物进行二次包装,包括防震加固包装服务、防盗加固包装服务、雨水加固包装服务、防损加固包装服务、防损加固包装服务、变形加固包装。临时存储服务Ruibang表达可以临时存储商品代表客户根据他们的需求国家工商行政管理局批准成立,11月18日,建于1999年,公司自成立以来始终坚持“诚信和速度”,陪你的事业更成功”三赢的概念(公司、消费者、员工三赢),专业从事快递业务和鳕鱼的业务,公司以优良的服务标准、快捷的运输速度和可靠的售后服务享誉同行,先后荣获“快递行业标准企业”、“邮政业统计工作先进单位”、“中国国内快递行业20强最具竞争力企业”、“快递行业协会副理事长”

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