Jointac leverages its in-house expertise and work with qualified partners to provide an integrated and seamless solution to customers. These proven and customizable solutions enable customers to start their service parts operations in China with minimal investments and risk. Through Jointac’s range of services, customers can benefit from the following strategic advantages :

• Free up your capital and space
• Strengthen your core competitiveness
• Outsource your non-core business activities, and enhance adaptability to changing market demands
• Enhance the efficiency of the supply chain networt
• Ensure operations continuity and improve customer satisfaction

With its matured logistics infrastructure and over 10 years of experience and partnerships, Jointac has integrated the various service resources into a seamless offering for different customers. We customize our solutions according to customer demands from various aspects such as a production, marketing, sales and after sales. Jointac’s proven standardized operational processes and trained professionals have provided us with a strong platform to provide efficient and reliable logistics services to our customers. 集国际海运、国际空运、国际快递等服务,经国家主管机构批准成立的专业化、标准化、综合性的国际货运公司。浩鹏为客户提供海关通关、国际海运、国际空运、国际快递等货运服务,浩鹏立足于广州、深圳、义乌,拥有庞大的服务网点、门市营业部、大型仓库,货运业务覆盖了中国内地、香港、中东、非洲及全球物流服务,专注于中东、非洲地区的国际货运服务,深耕迪拜、肯尼亚、尼日利亚等国家与地区,整合各地优势资源,已成为国际货运行业中东、非洲市场的风向标和引领者。
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