professional surrogating service for import and export

(1)Export surrogating

Assist in finalization of the export contract;
Formulate export documents according to the contract , review the conditions of the L/C;
Cooperate in obtaining the certificate of origin;
Booking space, inspection for export(inspection for exchange), customs clearance for export;
Export balance, canceling after verification, tax refund;
(2)Import surrogating

Assist in signing the import contract;
Open L/C, following the contract fulfillment, provide prompt feedback to the clients;
Apply for import licenses for machinery and electronics, 3C-free certification;
Offer biddings for equipment importing, tax reduction for improtation;
Apply for import inspection, animal quarantine inspection;
Import payment, formality for canceling after verification;
(3)Business development counseling for import and export

Assist clients in market investigation;
Assist clients in commercial and technical negotiation;
Assist in product promotion and distribution according to the clients’ requirements;兼营工业用设备和检测仪器及耗材.部分产品为厂家直销/厂价销),是日本KYOWA光学工业株式会社的中国总代理,面向全国各大中城市诚招代理经销商。金相显微镜|体视显微镜|偏光显微镜|工业显微镜|位相差显微镜|生物显微镜|教学显微镜,产品种类齐全,质量稳定上乘!作为专业显微镜等光学仪器的生产厂家,已经有65年的历史了。产品遍布世界! 显微镜之家生产研发销售批发光学仪器:CCD显微镜成像系统|GROO1TV/PC|GR130BCM|GRSKM-1000/GRSKM-1100/GRSKM-3000A|刻度放大镜|Carton光学体视显微镜/实体显微镜|生物显微镜|金相显微镜|进口偏光
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