A self-owned operation platform, with distinctive sea-freight and air-freight functions, addresses what you need and what you require.
Loxson’s customs and CIQ declaration platform, installed inside the customs office building, helps gather real-time information on site operations and trends.
Our service sites, based in Jiangsu and available throughout China, are reaching out to the whole world.
Loxson has its individualized logistics salon, which is unique in the industry.
A Strongly United Team
Loxson’s internal magazine boasts the first ever among industrial peers.
Even in a situation that there is a high employee turnover rate in the logistics industry, the stableness of Loxson’s staff team is widely recognized in the industry.
Every team member is proud to be an integral part of Loxson. All employees, newcomers and veterans alike, are family to one another. Unity is strength, and as a team, we will certainly develop a glorious future!报关业务
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