Air-transport, warehouse, custom clearance, various combined transportation and
insurance service. Together with the good related logistics companies, we provide LCL service,
which involves less than full container loading, transferring, storage, combined transportation and insurance service to customers.
(三)Agency service for imports and exports. We help customers to deal with goods declaring, commodity inspection, exchange settlement, C/O, FA and other relevant businesses for
commodities, such as cloth, hardware product, electronic product, electric apparatus, ceramics and handmade ware.FCL / LCL 整柜运输, 散货运输。 我们可以为您安排从中国主要口岸宁波, 上海, 深圳, 青岛, 天津, 大连, 广州, 香港等口岸安排去世界各地的海运, 主要优势在欧洲, 地中海, 中东印巴, 东南亚, 澳洲等地。 合作船公司主要为阳明(YML), 东方海外(OOCL), 宏海箱运(RCL), 中海(CHINA SHIPPING), 中远( COSCO), 地中海航运(MSC)... 等, 并为部分船公司的直接订舱代理。
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