mainly deals with international Air and Ocean transportation and professional freight forwarder. Head office of JWS is in shenzhen,from this modest start,after several years of wind and rain, JWS has grown to a cross-border international freight and logistics group from a single logistics company. JWS enjoys a high reputation in the cost effective services, a stable financial status and professional services,get the international transportation agent right of many shipping companies and airlines. Air freight take a “three-in-one” way to help customers select a best cost-effective delivery of goods among Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Hong Kong; signed dozens of airlines, have their own sites to ensure enough space, cargo storage warehouse for customers to choose! With the combination of air and sea transport to obtain a best price. In 2008 develop the express delivery business, cooperate with Hong Kong Express company and develop the specaial services, the business development achieve the three-dimensional mode of transportation of JWS , achieve all-round economic model in order to achieve a purpose of "full-service area Put in place cost-effective".


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